AVPLLC is a global network of technical and commercial professionals in the pulp, paper, tissue, and engineering fields. We specialize in solving your used machinery needs no matter the size or location. From complete mills to spare parts, our network is ready to find you the best fit, at the right price.


(New & Refurbished)

AVPLLC has teamed up with PRESS TECHNOLOGIES to offer quality industrial equipment for the dewatering and thickening of solids in liquid/solids separation operations. Wet Lap machines. The company has extensive experience throughout a broad range of industrial and municipal dewatering, thickening and pressing applications.


Eco Tissue 60 TPD Tissue Machine – Manufactured NEW is the most versatile tissue machine in the world! Basis range weights 13 - 40 GSM, it can produce numerous grades from low weight, high-quality tissue paper to napkins and towells. Maximum design allowed is 60 TPD. RDANCO Enginneered with Andritz and European implements.

Our sister network NMFC is pleased to announce a new delivery of service to manufacturers of Pulp, Paper and Tissue; NEWLY MANUFACTURED EQUIPMENT from a SELECT network of vetted fabrication houses throughout China. As an alternative to USED machinery, you are now able to consider NEW at USED machinery prices.

When you purchase NEW from NMFC, our BEST pricing includes:

  • -CIF to Your nearest port (In Most Cases)
  • -Numerous Quality Assurance reviews during the order fulfillment process
  • -Limited and Extended Warranties on selected pieces