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Introducing the Eco-Tissue Line to CMPC - ChileOur team is comprised of technical and commercial professionals. A global network of professionals active in the pulp, paper, tissue and engineering fields with a mass collective of professional expertise and experience. We represent no-one and yet talk to everyone around the world that buys, resells, represents and or deals in used process machinery.

We are also a resource for services such as Engineering/Technical Consulting on demand based on existing needs. However, our main focus is in ensuring that we find the machinery YOU require.

Our services are FREE as we are compensated by the selling party who pay us a small commission for the referrals. In some cases, we may deal directly with manufacturers or brokers in negotiating a deal on a client’s request and assist in its direct procurement.

For 20 years, Vic Rosa has been a trusted name in the process equipment industry for twenty years and is recognized as one of the top used equipment sales engineers. His dedication and commitment in providing outstanding service has earned him an excellent reputation. He will put your interest and needs before profit earning your continued, long term patronage.

Available Papermill LLC helps pulp, paper and tissue companies achieve quality used machinery at the lowest possible price.Paper Machiner Inventory and Appraisal - New Hampshire 2009 Drawing on our extensive network of esteemed professionals and hands-on experience with the used machinery businesses, AVP LLC delivers a no-nonsense, no-drama approach to your used machinery purchases. Our network of seasoned, experienced experts and consultants believes that people, process and technology must all come together to achieve your business objectives.

At Stora Enso - Bainefort Germany -2010AVP LLC is an excellent resource for bringing this to fruition. Our approach is unique and efficient. Once adopted, it enables everyone seeking to buy or sell used machinery a platform that is designed to streamline the overall process, while maximizing your complete satisfaction. Our methodology follows a proven, systematic approach to the buying and selling process.

We are known in the industry. We work with numerous equipment brokers, engineering firms, consultants and, papermills that have surplus assets for sale. We also know of shut downs currently in the liquidation process. Our network circulates this information via the AVP website and even list interesting offerings as well.

We even provide you with optimization of tools that help fascilitate the process for you. Such things as OEM product brochures and drawings, links to the majority of the pulp and paper suppliers and technical data on most known manufacturers.

AVP LLC starts by listening to your specific needs and in not offering you substitutes or long, irrelevant equipment listings with quotes. We give you the straight information without embellishment whether it be good or bad and let you make your own informed decision. That’s the way this business should operate!

When you check out the quality of the machinery we focus on, you will see that our objective is clear. – We offer to be a part of your used machinery solutions. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you!

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