Equipment Category: LISTINGS

Used Voith Model VSI 12 Pressure Screen
Design Capacity Range of 60-100 Tons Per Day
Consistency Range: 0.8 to 1.8 (2.0)%
Multi 9-Foil Rotor with 2.4mm Holed Basket
Includes a 30KW, 1500 RPM Motor

Used #2 Black Clawson Hydrapulper Drive

The Unit was Opened, Drained of Oil and Inspected

IT is in Very Good Condition

Used 1.62 m Southworth/Hamblet Model SHDS Sheeter
New 1975, rebuilt 1995-1997 (New motors 1996, main motor 2006)
Single Roll Shaftless Unwind with Mach III Tension system,
Capable of at least 1.82 m wide x 1.82 m diam., perhaps 2.3 diam. with platform removed.
Includes an Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 system, 3 Dienes Model PSG-50 Shear Cut Slitters
Main Motor: 20/15 HP, 2006 Leeson Motor 208V-230V/460V, Enc TEFC at 1755 RPM.
Machine was running when removed, never reinstalled. It is Removed & ready for loading.




Used 10 Ton KoneCranes (50′ Span)
In Excellet, Operating Condition
Mill Shutdown. Available Immediately




100-440 ADMTPD De-inking Line of Market ONP/OMG DIP
This is a Turn Up-Turn Down Design to Operate
Between 100 and 440 TPD

Pulpers: 1 High Density Voith Batch
Detrashers: 1 Voith 40CMS Contaminex
High Density Cleaners: 5 Krebs
Coarse Screens: Voith 3 stage hole, 3 stage slots

Flotation Cells:
2 Voith E-Cells (each with 6-3m primary, 2-2m secondary)
1 Voith E-Cell (4-5m primary, 2-2m secondary).
Secondary Cells upgraged with Eco-injectors.

4 Beloit Polydisc filters, 2 Andritz Screw Presses
Fine Screens:
Voith 3 stage slots
Pulp Drying:
2 Andritz wet lap machines
Wire Tyers:
1 Cranston Baling Line.
Process Water Clarifiers:
2 Dissolved Air Flotation Units
Effluent Treatment:
Sludge thickening: 2 Gravity tables, 2 Andritz Screw Presses
Primary treatment: Eimco bioreactor, 20m Eimco clarifier.

Additional Equipment:
Forward Cleaners:
2 stages Beloit Posiflow
Dispersers: 1 Voith Disk Filters
2 Beloit Polydisc Filters
100-440TPD Deink Plant Flow Diagram

102″ Trim Beloit Fourdrinier Paper machine for lightweight and specialty grade papers. Headbox and Fourdrinier table with 7 vacuum foil boxes. Valmet Rotoformer for secondary layer can be utilized for numerous spectialty grades. Three (3) section straight through presses. Barton and Fales Dryer section containing (38) 36″ OD dryer cans. Vertical size press section. Six (6) roll conventional calender stack . Horizontal track reel with primary and secondary arms. Cameron Mdl 458 two drum Slitter rewinder. Machine last reported to run 500 FPM. Includes vacuum pump system, oil andlubrication systems,
line shaft drives, instrumentation, valves, piping, spare rolls, and related accessories. Located in the USA
102 Inch Wide Printing and Writing Paper Machine

Used 105″ (2670mm) DePretto Pressurized Headbox Type – 221-11
New in 1980 and designed for a production rate – 700 mt/a and a Rate – 4470-13790 lt /1
All stainless steel construction with Pneumatic controls
2.6M Wide DePretto Headbox

OFFER FOR SECOND‐HAND EQUIPMENT: 106″ Trim (2.7M) Liner Paper Machine
2700mm Trim PM for Liner, Kraft, Fluting, Printing & Writing Grades
‐ 150 tons/day average production
‐ 600 m/min operating speed
‐ Basis weight of 40 to 200 gsm.
‐ Right Hand Machine
1. FOURDRINIER (2001):
‐ Voith Head box
‐ Breast roll
‐ Cantilever Frame
‐ Paper Rolls
‐ Suction boxes: 4 Vacuofoils: 3 Hydrofoils: 6
‐ Dandy Roll Dia 800mm
‐ SS Vats
‐ Suction Couch Dia 800mm
‐ Pickup device
‐ 1st Nip with bottom and Top Press Dia 600mm
‐ 2nd Nip with Bottom and Top Press Dia 650mm
‐ 3rd Nip with Bottom and Top Press
Pre‐Drying: (24) 1.5m dia x 2850 mm
Voith Yankee: 4.5m dia. x 3000 mm
Post Drying: (8) 1.5m dia. x 2850 mm
4. SOFT CALENDER (2005):
Wth 2 Nips, complete with Kusters Rolls, Heating Rolls
900mm dia drum with 6 Spools
‐ 1 Helico Pulper 18 m3
‐ Approach Flow
‐ Vacuum
‐ Steam and Condensate system, Hood
‐ Spare Presses and Spare Rolls for Calender
‐ Complete DC Drive, with control panels
‐ Winder Rewinder (2002), 1500 m/mn, Face Width 3m