Equipment Category: Paper Converting

Used 1.62 m Southworth/Hamblet Model SHDS Sheeter
New 1975, rebuilt 1995-1997 (New motors 1996, main motor 2006)
Single Roll Shaftless Unwind with Mach III Tension system,
Capable of at least 1.82 m wide x 1.82 m diam., perhaps 2.3 diam. with platform removed.
Includes an Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 system, 3 Dienes Model PSG-50 Shear Cut Slitters
Main Motor: 20/15 HP, 2006 Leeson Motor 208V-230V/460V, Enc TEFC at 1755 RPM.
Machine was running when removed, never reinstalled. It is Removed & ready for loading.




Used 108” Face Cameron Slitter Re-Winder, Model 458 2-drum slitter. Approximately 108″ working width. Driven by a 60 HP DC motor and drive. 60” OD shafted rewind capacity. With weighted rider roll, manually actuated shear slitters, roll ejector, (1) rubber covered bowed roll and (1) steel bowed roll, roll kicker.

Cells mounted on the winder for tension control. Rated for approximately 1500 FPM.

One (1) used 120″ (3.04M) Piranha Automatic Core Cutter, Model 10,

60″ up to 120″ Parent Core Lengths and expandable up to 200″.

Designed for Batch Cutting and standard sized cores from 1″ – 12″ Diameter

with a Maximum core range of 24″ Diameter.

Hydraulic core advanced, 3 HP motor, 230-460VAC Operation

80 PSI with a 1″ Wall thickness.

New in 2005 and includes full compliment of shafts, hoists and accessories.



One (1) used 120″ (3.04M) Dual Mandrel Piranha Semi Automatic Core Cutter.

3″ & 6″ Mandrels, 120″ long. No Tooling Changeovers!

For high Speed Batch Cutting

Hydraulic actuated. 3 HP multi speed drive. Cut tolerance +/- 0.01.

Capability 2″ – 12″ diameter.

.500 Wall thickness.

Built 1995 with Some Spares.

Used (still running) 169″ (4.3M) Wide Valmet Winbelt Rewinder. New in 1995 and designed to run a Variety of paper from: coated offset paper and a Basis weight range of 70-150 g/m2.
Additional Details as follows:
– Design Speed at Speed: 2000 m/min. with computerized acceleration and deceleration at 0.6 m/s2
– Emergency braking: 1,3 m/s2 and tension: 1040 N/m
– Max. diameter 2000 mm.
– Trim width range from 3.7 to the narrowest width of 152 mm.
– Slitting blades: 13
– Material: Precision Tooled Steel
Cut-off Width: max. 100 mm., Min. 20 mm.
– Section winding: max. diameter of 1500 mm.
– Sleeve for winding: 70, 76, 120 and 152 mm.
– Control: Windcontrol
– Set of knives (format): Windposit
– Troubleshooting: Windhelp
– Software Update: Windcomm.
Was fully modernized 2005 and now includes a PLC, drive operational control,
traffic control equipment, documentation, and energy accounting.
Does not include MCC (specification document available for repurchase).

Used 19″ – 112″ Wide Sheet cutter Jagenberg Synchro Model AS-328
New in 1979 and well maintained over the years.
Shaftless undwind station, Roll width: 500-2870mm (19″ – 112″)
Min. width between knives 420 mm and No flying splice
Number of sheets over width: 5
Manual format adjustment
Knife load max. 600g/m – 800 g/m²
Cutting length 600 – 2030 mm
Max. speed 300 m/min.
Pallet change speed: 150 m/min
Max. staple height: 1850 mm
Max. staple weight: 6 t

Sheet Lengths:
600/100 – 650/115
700/145 – 750/180
800/250 – 850/300
900/300 – 1000/300
1150/300 – 1200/270
1300/250 – 1400/230
1500/215 – 1600/200
1700/190 – 1800/180
1900/175 – 2000/170

Used and Fully Rebuilt 192″ (4.9M) Wide Jagenberg Rewinder Type 51-15
Originally designed for paper with grammage of 55-180 g/m2,
Re-engineered to improve the density of processed paper up to 500 g/m2.
Design speed of 2000 m/min working with paper machine speeds running at 650-800 m/min.
Includes Beloit-Lenox Autotrim Slitters with 12 pairs of knives (1987)
The maximum width 4,900mm with a maximum drum diameter of 2600 mm (30000 kg rolls).
Right-hand driven machine. Unwind stand has an electric tension control system with loading cells.
Also includes a system for Quick-Changing of the Shafts. Shaftless, motorized unwind.
Rebuilt in the 1990s with an advanced automatic control system, tension control, and (rider) shaft for winding density. Pneumatic lowering of the table and all the necessary safety features included.
Built to meet and exceel North American/European standards.

Rebuilt History:

1987 – the new automatic cutting Beloit Autotrim
1991 – Transmission Flender
1991 – The new drive shaft ABB
1991 – (reel holding device) fixture

SPECIAL NOTE: This winder is currently being used as a backup machine and can be demonstrated running with the actual production. It is in EXCELLENT condition and excellently maintained.

Used 196″ (5.OM) Trim OverMeccania 2 Drum Rewinder
New in 1978 and Rebuilt by Talleres Gorostidi in 1986
New Drive System installed in 1999
Max. Speed: 1200 MPM.
Winding Drums 650mm. Diam.
Max. Unwind Diam. 2500mm.
Max. Finished Roll Diam. (without axis): 1500 mm.
Completes Set of SSpares Included