Equipment Category: Sheeters

Used 1.62 m Southworth/Hamblet Model SHDS Sheeter
New 1975, rebuilt 1995-1997 (New motors 1996, main motor 2006)
Single Roll Shaftless Unwind with Mach III Tension system,
Capable of at least 1.82 m wide x 1.82 m diam., perhaps 2.3 diam. with platform removed.
Includes an Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 system, 3 Dienes Model PSG-50 Shear Cut Slitters
Main Motor: 20/15 HP, 2006 Leeson Motor 208V-230V/460V, Enc TEFC at 1755 RPM.
Machine was running when removed, never reinstalled. It is Removed & ready for loading.




Used 19″ – 112″ Wide Sheet cutter Jagenberg Synchro Model AS-328
New in 1979 and well maintained over the years.
Shaftless undwind station, Roll width: 500-2870mm (19″ – 112″)
Min. width between knives 420 mm and No flying splice
Number of sheets over width: 5
Manual format adjustment
Knife load max. 600g/m – 800 g/m²
Cutting length 600 – 2030 mm
Max. speed 300 m/min.
Pallet change speed: 150 m/min
Max. staple height: 1850 mm
Max. staple weight: 6 t

Sheet Lengths:
600/100 – 650/115
700/145 – 750/180
800/250 – 850/300
900/300 – 1000/300
1150/300 – 1200/270
1300/250 – 1400/230
1500/215 – 1600/200
1700/190 – 1800/180
1900/175 – 2000/170

Used Jagenberg Simplex Sheet cutter Jagenberg Model AS-21
size of sheets of paper: 600mm–2030mm (23″–78″)

Size in MM Length of Sheet of Paper Max Speed M/PM

600 mm 135 m/min
650 mm 150 m/min
700 mm 180 m/min
750 mm 230 m/min
800 mm 250 m/min
850 mm 250 m/min
900 mm 250 m/min
1000 mm 250 m/min
1050 mm 250 m/min
1100 mm 250 m/min
1200 mm 230 m/min
1300 mm 220 m/min
1400 mm 210 m/min
1500 mm 200 m/min
1600 mm 190 m/min
1700 mm 182 m/min
1800 mm 175 m/min
1900 mm 172 m/min
2000 mm 170 m/min

Shaftless unwind stations: 2
Max roll width: 1900 mm
Min roll width: 415 mm
Max unwind diameter: 1830 mm
Min unwind diameter: 500 mm
Diameter of core chunk: 300 mm
Max weight of rolls: 6000 KG

– change channel
– Vacu stop overlapping station
– automatic layboy
– PIV gearbox
– central lubrication system
– spare parts

Manual books and drawings complete available

Used 3.6m wide double cutter (sheeter) machine duplex
For Coated Board/Chipboard Grades, 240-600 GSM
Manufactured by Kotobuki Iroks Co., Ltd of Japan

Handling basis weight range of 240-600 gsm
Width of cutter knife: 3600 mm
Cut paper length: 650-1200 mm
Knife load: 700 gsm
Number of sheet flow: two-four flows
Paper piling height: 1200 mm from f.f.
Operation speed: 130m/min
Slitter Knives
Piv Reducer
Two each DC Motors
Gear Reducer
Mill Roll Stand
Frames & Sole Plates Included
Used 65″ (1.65M) Jagenberg Synstar-E
Dual Rotary Knife Sheeter.
Mfg. new in 1993.
The unit is still In operation
Recently inspected by Jagenberg engineers and certified to be in very good condition.
Basis weigh range: 50-128 lbs/1000 sq ft. Caliper range: .010″ – .040″ .
(2) position Jagenberg type FE-C18 unwind stands.
Maximum width 65″, Maximum diameter: 72″, Maximum roll weight: 7000 lbs.
Sheet length range: 17.0″ – 65.0″. Sheet length accuracy: +/- 0.010″.
Squareness accuracy: 0.020″ (measured on 40: long sheet.
Maximum sheet width: 65″, Minimum slitting width: 17″,
Maximum speed: 1000 fpm (330 MPM),
Layboy capacity 72″ height (with skid) 8000 lb weight. 3Ph, 60Hz-460V,
Knife is Servo drive. 85 PSI air required with guide roll system,
skew adjustment, tension control.
Also includes decurling, dual web guide control system,
web cleaning, cutter section with direct drive,
layboy with ream marking, and auto piling with fingers for contiuous operation.
All Original manuals, electrical schematics and some spares are also available.

Used 68″ – 70″ Wide Strecker Sheeting Line – Complete (1986)
For Sheeting Liner / Medium Grades of Paper

Manufactured by Strecker in 1982 with a rebuild/upgrade in 1986

Maximum grammage 40 0 gramm/m2
Minimum grammage 3 0 gramm/m2
Working edging width 1750 mm
Maximum width 1800 mm Rola
The minimum width of 230 mm paper Rola
The minimum width of 580 mm cardboard Rola
The maximum diameter of 180 cm Rola

8 Peals Paper

The maximum sheet length of 115 cm
Minimum sheet length 45 cm
Automatic installation of sheet length

Automatic Brake Control System
Compressor CAESER Germany
Forklift 1.5 ton Capacity CESAB Italy
4.5-ton Forklift TOYOTA , Japan
Packaging + Scales FROM European Mfg.
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Hand Pallet Truck (Rocla)

Fully Reconditioned 52″ (1320MM) ECH Will dual rotary knife sheeter

Converts (Imperial) 8.5″ x 11″ and (Metric) A-4

(215.9mm x 279.4mm sizes). The Will sheeter is a model SLK 480 UI,

6 pockets, with (5) shaftless unwinds for 57″ O.D.

(144.8cm) roll diameter. With overhead bridge, tension controls, decurling, and slitting station. Dual rotary knife sheeting section with two knife blocks. Modern style pile delivery. Production rates approx 5.2 tons/hr. or approximately 60 reams/minute. Rated 330 MPM. Originally built in 1986.

Includes NEW AC Variable speed motor and drive system and a complete Packaging system manufactured in 1989, includes fully automatic Pemco 36 High speed wrapper, Pemco Model 75.

Labeler, Pemco 121 ream inspector, Pemco 86L case packer, Pemco 111R lidder, and Pemco 77L case labeler. The packaging system is capable of 60 reams/minute production which is the output of the 6 pocket ECH Will SLK 480. With Brake Stands/ Total of 10

Rebuild Consists of the Following:

The shaft, rotors, calipers disassembled, cleaned serviced; bearings will be checked and replaced as needed, reassembled and painted. Roll chucks cleaned and serviced.

Roll Lifts Stands / Total of 5. The roll stands disassembled; bearings, gear box lift screws, and rollers cleaned and polished and any bearings or jack screws replaced as needed. Lead in roll assembly before slitter section.

Completely disassembled, cleaned, painted and bearings replaced as needed. The rollers ground or polished to like new condition.

Overhead back stand carrier roll sections which were completely disassembled and replaced with new bearings as needed and rollers ground and polished to like new condition.

The master cylinders replaced due to the seals.

A4 Knife Section and 11″ knife section. The knife sections disassembled and cleaned. Bearings, seals and gear box inspected, cleaned, serviced.

Bearings changed as needed. Looks like new!

Cutter Sections completely disassembled. Bearings, seals changed as needed. The gear box oils changed. All rollers polished as needed.

All drive shafts checked for any defective couplings; repaired/replaced as needed. Shafts replaced as needed.

The machine was completely re-belted. Nip roller recovered.

Grippers completely overhauled. All new air lines. Slitter assemblies rebuilt with new seals and bottom anvils cleaned and re sharpened. Brush roll also replaced. The machine will be painted once it’s disassembled.

Air Cylinders/ Valves. All air cylinders and valves rebuilt or replaced.

Main Drive Motor; A new AC motor and drive system installed. Includes all Electrical Cabinets, fully Cleaned & painted to like new condition.

Delivery; 4 weeks from time of purchase order and work backlog at factory.




Pasaban Sheeter0001

Format size: Max. 1400x1100mm
Min. 530x420mm
Max. ream height: 80mm
Min. ream height: 10mm

Max. speed: 15 packet / min with any type of format
Grammage sheathing paper: 80- 120 g/m² plastic coated
Broach diameter roll coating: 76mm
Max. diam. roll coating: 1000mm
Width roll coating: between 1800mm – 650mm (depending on ream size to pack)
Max. stacking heigth: 1800mm
Time for change of format: approx. 3 to 4 min.
Time for change of roll: approx. 2,5 min.
Electrical performance: 50 Kw installation – 30 KW consumption
Compressed air: 700l/min (25cfm)@ 6 bar (80psi)
Max. stacking weigth: 2000kg

Pasaban Sheeter0002

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