Equipment Category: Board Machines

OFFER FOR SECOND‐HAND EQUIPMENT: 106″ Trim (2.7M) Liner Paper Machine
2700mm Trim PM for Liner, Kraft, Fluting, Printing & Writing Grades
‐ 150 tons/day average production
‐ 600 m/min operating speed
‐ Basis weight of 40 to 200 gsm.
‐ Right Hand Machine
1. FOURDRINIER (2001):
‐ Voith Head box
‐ Breast roll
‐ Cantilever Frame
‐ Paper Rolls
‐ Suction boxes: 4 Vacuofoils: 3 Hydrofoils: 6
‐ Dandy Roll Dia 800mm
‐ SS Vats
‐ Suction Couch Dia 800mm
‐ Pickup device
‐ 1st Nip with bottom and Top Press Dia 600mm
‐ 2nd Nip with Bottom and Top Press Dia 650mm
‐ 3rd Nip with Bottom and Top Press
Pre‐Drying: (24) 1.5m dia x 2850 mm
Voith Yankee: 4.5m dia. x 3000 mm
Post Drying: (8) 1.5m dia. x 2850 mm
4. SOFT CALENDER (2005):
Wth 2 Nips, complete with Kusters Rolls, Heating Rolls
900mm dia drum with 6 Spools
‐ 1 Helico Pulper 18 m3
‐ Approach Flow
‐ Vacuum
‐ Steam and Condensate system, Hood
‐ Spare Presses and Spare Rolls for Calender
‐ Complete DC Drive, with control panels
‐ Winder Rewinder (2002), 1500 m/mn, Face Width 3m
Used 122″ (3.10M) Trim Carcano/Metso Paper Machine
Making Basis Weigth Grades of Kraft at 45-100 gr/m2
Max Capacity: 150 Tons Per Day at 550 MPM
New in 1974 with a Major Rebuild in 2003. Stopped in Early 2009
Manufacturered by Carcano/Metso
The Machine Includes:
Forming section with top former with Suction Pick Up
Steam box for Moisture Profile Regulation
Flat Press and Offset Press
Dryer section with 28 Dryers and 10 Felt Dryers
Size press, with a DC Sectional Drive
Kusters Mat-On-Line Soft Calender, Double Nip
Accuray QCS and Computerized Ulma Fault Detector
Pope Reel and winder. Left Hand Driven Machine
122 -3.1M-Trim Carcano-Headbox Fourdrinier

Used 120000t/y Duplex Coated Board Paper Mill
Year of Make – 1993, Year Shut Down – 2008
Includes Full Stock Prep Line, Pulp & Paper Making Workshop
Basis weight: 150~350g/m2 for a total capacity of 120,000 Tons Per Year
Trimmed width: 3380mm at a Working Speed: 500m/min
Main manufacturer: Tampella, & Metso Paper Finland
Drive system: ABB, Switzerland and Control System: Honeywell, United States
Calender—Küster(Andritz) & Hard Calender (1 set)
Coating Line —Jagenberg,(Voith)
Quality Control System—Measurex, US (Honeywell)
Roll Paper Cutter & Sheet Paper Cutter
Chain Conveyor & Hydrapulper
In Excellent, Like New Condition (Well Maintained)
All Critical Spares Included
Duplex Board Machine

Used 149″ (3.8M) Wide Paper Machine, 50-190 g/m²

Building year: 1975, Manufacturer: ALLIMAND
WIDTH : 3.70 m to 3.80 m depending on the grammage,
Produced numerous fibers for furniture, filter and various paper grades for speeds up to 820 m/ min
GRAMMAGE RANGE from 50 to 190 g/m²

Main Recent Modifications :

1992 First cleaners stage Ahlstrom TC133 (simple dilution)
1997 additional cleaners stages Celleco « Cleanpac 700 » & last stage « fibermizer »
1992 Air removal Ahlstrom Deculator
1992 Hydraulic headbox Escher Wyss (4120 mm) with flow from 800 à 2400 m3/h + Profilmatic Voith

Fourdrinier table (wire length36.75m)
Dandy roll  1800 (Rai Tillieres)
Main vacuum pump Sulzer
1rst pick-up press linear load 90 kg/cm
1990 : Second press « Flexaroll » Allibe. Linear load 120kg/cm

 1rst drying section 8 dryers ( unirun )
First drying section with 26 dryers 1500 mm (3 cascade stages. Pressure : 3.5 bars) – 5 Siemens drive sections
Calander before coater Allimand
Scanner Honeywell (ash, grammage, humidity, …)

Coater Bill Blade from BTG
2 air turns after BB
Air dryer Spooner L 4750 : 1.038 kg/h (300°C max)
Post drying section with 2 stages (2/6) first dryer with PTFE coating
 Dahlgreen wet control for curl control
1 independant dryer with PTFE coating
2 hard-hard calander maxi 80 kg/cm

Thickness profile control 1500W « Caltrol » every 7.5 cm
 Honeywell Scanner (colour control, weigth, humidity, thickness, …)
 Siemens drive (DC) (Modulpac, 6RA24 et 6RA70). Max speed pope reel 870 m/min.
3 broke pulpers

Used 190″ (4.82M)Wide 183.73 (4.66M) Trim Beloit Kraft liner Paper Machine (Twin Wire)
550-1800MPM Operating Speed Voith Sulzer Step Diffuser Secondary Head Box,
Basis Weight Range (Top Ply Only) 5.33-14.4 lbs, Slice Flow Range 2400-3500 GPM
4.8M Liner Board Machine

Used 3.4M (133″) Wide Bruderhaus-Voith Paper Machine

New in 1964 with Full Rebuild in 1999 with a Trim Width of 3.3M (129″)

Produces 170 TPD of the Following Grades:

One-Sided Coated Fine Papers

Poster Grades

Label Grades

Carbonless Paper

Coated Technical Papers

GSM Range: 60 – 170 GSM

Left Hand Driven at 600 MPM

Includes All Stock Prep, Broke System and Approach Flow


– 1 Hydraulic Headbox, make VOITH, Type W-7500, 3700 mm slice width, with tapered manifold, 1981,

with auto top lip profile control by ABB/1998

– 1 Wire Part, make VOITH-DÖRRIES, cantilevered, made of stainless steel

– Breast roll 450 mm dia with rubber cover and shake device

– Forming board made of SS with ceramic cover and ceramic foils

– 1 Foil box, made of SS, with 7 ceramic foils

– 3 Foil boxes, made of SS, with 3 ceramic foils each

– 3 Foil boxes, made of SS, with 2 ceramic foils each

– 1 Vacu-Foil box with 6 ceramic foils

– 1 Wet suction box with slotted HDPE-cover

– 1 Dandy Roll 1200 mm diameter, make NORDISCA, wire screen make NEF

– 1 Wet suction box with slotted HDPE-cover

– 1 Single Foil, made of ceramic

– 9 Wet suction boxes with slotted HDPE-cover

– 1 Couch tail cutter, automatic with 2 needle jets

– 1 Suction couch roll 700 mm diameter with bronze shell

– 1 Forward drive roll, 480 mm dia with hard rubber cover

– 1 Wire HP-cleaning system, Type PERMAJET

– All wire rolls, rubber covered

– 1 Pneumatic wire guide, make SCHWARCK

– 1 Electric Wire Stretcher

– All Low & High Pressure Showers

Press Part, VOITH-DÖRRIES, with suction pick-up press roll, 905 mm diameter,

– Dryer Part, make BRUDERHAUS, with totally 37 drying cylinders

Used 4.37M Wide Paper Machine making the following Liner Grades:
Plasterboard Liner (Colored), Bkackboard, Recycled Liner Grades
and Fluting up to 100-400 GSM
600 MPM, New in 1967 by Beloit.
Upgraded to Belbond in 1994.
Includes the following:
– Walmsley/Belbond 3 Ply Fourdrinier
– Automated CD Grammage and Slice Adjustors
– 4 Nip Press
– Venta Nipverted Suction Press Section
– 60 Each 1.5M Diameter Beloit Walmsley Dryers 4 Sections
– Beloit Horizontal Size Press
– Lubricated After Dryer (48)
– Automated CD Moisture Control Honeywell
– Pope Reel Can Trim 4.45MM
– Beloit M18 GR72 Twin Drum 4.45M Trim Winder at 1450 MPM
– Harland Drive Syster
– Full Reeler Controls, ABB QCS / DSC 2003
Used 4.45M (175″) Beloit Belbond Paper Machine, Liner Grades 100-200 GSM
600 MPM. Manufactured new in 1967 , Two Ply. Forming Section new in 1995.
Includes the following:
-Automated CD Grammage and Slice Adjustors
– 4 Nip Press
– 60 Each 1.5M Diameter Beloit Walmsley Dryers 4 Sections
– Beloit Horizontal Size Press
– Lubricated After Dryer (48)
– Automated CD Moisture Control Honeywell
– Pope Reel
– Beloit M18 GR72 Twin Drum 5.35M Wide Winder at 1450 MPM
– Full Reeler Controls, Scanner Measurex 2002 Operating System
– ABB Series Machine DC Drive 400. DC Brake Generator.