Equipment Category: Yankee Cylinders

Used 113″ (2.88M) Diameter X 141″ (3.60M) Face Yankee Drying Cyliner.
Manufacturer; Brunnschweilr, Germany.
Working Pressure is 3 Bars and Certified Tested.
Bare Yankee with Stainless Steel Hood

Used 3050mm Diameter X 2810mm Face MG (Yankee)
MG Drying Cylinder Manufacturer by Kobayashi Japan,
Face length measurement Excludes rope ring with a Working Pressure of 3.1 Bars,
Rope Ring Groove: 120, Gear: 218 Teeths (Internal), Pinion Gear: 29 teeth
Complete with rope ring, gearbox 7.3 ratio,
Bearing and Bearing Housing and Frame. Excludes Sole Plates and Motor.
120 MG Cylinder

Used 133″ (3.4M) Wide X 141″ (3.6M) DiameterYankee Dryer by Carcano. New in 1989
Operating steam pressure: 8.25 Bar / Test Pressure: 12.95 Bar
Bearing Centers: 4050 mm / Shell Thickness: 50mm – Originally; 44mm – now.
Operating temperature of the cylinder: 178,1 º C / Temperature cap: 450 º C
Includes the Yankees’ drying cylinder hood rated for a 90 Tons/Day capacity – toilet paper
Carcano Yankee Cylinder

Beautiful 4.572 mm Diameter by 3.517 mm Face Width Yankee Cylinder by Beloit Walmsley
Trim Width: 3.352,8 mm with a Maximum working pressure of 8 bar.
Remaining Shell Thickness: 39 mm
4.5M Dia. Beloit Walmsley Yankee Cylinder

Used 138″ (3.50M) Diameter X 107″ (2.8M) Face Yankee Drying Cyliner.
Manufacturer; Taiwan Suang Lien Machinery Co., Ltd new in 1969,
Working Pressure is 3.18 Bars and Tested for 4.55 Bars,
Bush type complete with Rotary Joint.
Type of Condensate: Bucket type completed with rotary joint.
No Hood. Weight: Approximately 32 Metric Tons.
Bear Cylinder Without frames, Doctor System & Drive.
The Shaft (bearing seat) is slightly worn.
Overall Condition: Fair
Taiwan Suang Lien Machinery Yankee Dryer

Used (Still Installed) Voith Sulzer Yankee Cylinder
Face width 4530 mm by 4000 mm Diameter
Max. working pressure: 8 bar
Listed in Excellent Condition
Voith Sulzer Yankee Cylinder