Equipment Category: De-Inking

100-440 ADMTPD De-inking Line of Market ONP/OMG DIP
This is a Turn Up-Turn Down Design to Operate
Between 100 and 440 TPD

Pulpers: 1 High Density Voith Batch
Detrashers: 1 Voith 40CMS Contaminex
High Density Cleaners: 5 Krebs
Coarse Screens: Voith 3 stage hole, 3 stage slots

Flotation Cells:
2 Voith E-Cells (each with 6-3m primary, 2-2m secondary)
1 Voith E-Cell (4-5m primary, 2-2m secondary).
Secondary Cells upgraged with Eco-injectors.

4 Beloit Polydisc filters, 2 Andritz Screw Presses
Fine Screens:
Voith 3 stage slots
Pulp Drying:
2 Andritz wet lap machines
Wire Tyers:
1 Cranston Baling Line.
Process Water Clarifiers:
2 Dissolved Air Flotation Units
Effluent Treatment:
Sludge thickening: 2 Gravity tables, 2 Andritz Screw Presses
Primary treatment: Eimco bioreactor, 20m Eimco clarifier.

Additional Equipment:
Forward Cleaners:
2 stages Beloit Posiflow
Dispersers: 1 Voith Disk Filters
2 Beloit Polydisc Filters
100-440TPD Deink Plant Flow Diagram

Used De Inking Line. Daily Capacity of Minimum 160 Tons Per Day
Still In Operation Until End of 2011. Machinery Includes the following:
20 Meter wide steel slat conveyor Bale De-wiring system

2 x 25m3 HC pulper 520kw motor

Lamort fine drum Screens
2 x HC cleaner
2 x Westafalia Centrifuge Seperator
Coarse Rejects Drum Screen 10mm holes
Lamort 8mm Dethrasher PV3 08Ra 32A
2 x Rotary Screen thickner FKC HC RST S1200 4000L
Shinhama 6m3 1100kw Kneader CCE-8-1500
2 x Lamort CH10 Primary HC Slot Screen
2 x Lamort CH7 Secondary Slot Screen
1 x Lamort CH7A Primary HC Hole Screen
2 x Lamort CH7 Secondary HC Hole Screen
FKC SHX Screw Press Hagglunds Drive 1250 x 9000 ltr

5 x Primary aeration de ink cell

Cleaning :
4 stage Alfa Laval Cell Hedemora heavy reject cleaner BP5V, BP2, S8, S5
1 x Lamort Gyroclean GYT 9501700 B11

Fine Screening and Cleaning:
4 stage Voith fine screening 40/13, 21, 11, 12
Peroxide Brightening
175m3 Brightening tower

1 x Voith Sulzer VA1E 3500 1995 Washer
1 x Sulzer VA1 C 2400M 1987 Washer

Colour Stripping :
Kvaerner Disc Filter
FKC SHX Screw Press Hagglund Drive 1250 x 9000 ltr
Shinhama 6m3 1100kwKneader CCE-8-1500
6 head Blackclawson Dewatering Screw
2 x DeltaFlow DAF

Wet Lap :
Andriz double wire press
sheet cutter and palletiser
wire strapper

Rejects Handling :
FKC SHX 500Screw Press x 30000l

Additional :
Tank Farm
Rejects Bunker