Equipment Category: Clarifiers / Filters

Used 13.2M X 1.3M Deep Purgomat Cylindrical Clarifier Model# PU-132
Rated Capacity of 174 M/3, Manufactured New in 1988 with very little use
Dismantled and Warehoused in Excellent Condtion

Includes All Manuals & Drawings.

The voith Sulzer Escher Wyss Purgomat is considered the gray water clarification system of the future.

The Purgomat Clarifier serves for cleaning of back water of the stock preparation, e.g. filtrates of wires presses, extractors, washers, centrifuges and filters. Can also handle white water or a mixture of both.

The cleaned, cleard water is returned to the production process, the separated sedimantary & thickened flotating sludge collected for treatment.

4.5M Supracell KROFTA SPC-15 Clarifier
Designed to clean recycled water. The size of line is:
4500 mm – Diameter bath
650 mm – Height baths
950 mm – Overall height
1450 mm – Overall height flotator
Output flow Q = 2,0 m 3 / min or 120 m3/hr.
Loaded and Ready for Expotation

Used 18′ Diameter Krofta Clarifier, Model SPC 18
18′ Foot Diameter with a design capacity of 789 GPM / 180 M3/HR
The unit has been fully dismantled and stored outside
Preserved as complete LESS its control panels

Used Krofta SPC-22 Supracell Clarifier
Last Used as a Saveall on a Printing & Writing Paper Machine.
Includes Pump, Dissolving Tube and Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel Construction and in Very Good Condition

Used Model SPC22 Krofta Supracell Clarifier, T316L Stainless Steel Construction
This system is an advanced clarification system using combined settings and floatation techniques and can be used in a variety of ways including fiber recovery. Approximately 2 min 30 second retention time.
Designed for approximately 1160 GPM (264 cubic meter per hour).
22′ diameter x 25 ½” deep tank. With rotating spiral scoop, size 1000 Air Dissolving Tube rated for 260 GPM
Includes Pump. New in 1991.

The inlet, outlet, and sludge removal mechanisms are contained in a the central rotating section of this clarifier. Un-clarified water is passed through the Air Dissolving Tube and released through a rotary joint in the center of the tank, than passes through the distribution duct, which is moving forward at the same velocity as the incoming water. This creates “zero velocity”, which allows for the settling and flotation process. The scoop than skims the floated sludge and discharges it into the stationary center section, where it is subsequently discharged by gravity.

Used Krofta SPC-27 Supracell Clarifier
Includes Pump, Dissolving Tube and Heat Exchanger / Panel
Stainless Steel Construction and in Very Good Condition
ADKA Super Design Water Purification Plant (Clarification)
Consisting of the Following:
– Collection of waste water (lifting equipment)
– Neutralization
– Flocculation – deposition
– Treatment of sediment (mud)
– Installed electronic technologies
– Fixed sanitation technologies
Capacity – 400 m3/hr.

– 8.5M Krofta
– Dosing device for aluminum sulfate
– Mononasosy
– Press wastes
– Stainless steel pipes
– Mixer
– Vibration Sorting
Water Treatment Plant - Complete System

Used Krofta Clarifier SPC-18

Excellent Condition

Includes Pump, Motor, Heat Exchanger

Dissolve Tube & Control Panel

(Super Structure May Be Included)