Equipment Category: Fourdriniers / Wet End

Fully Rebuilt Valmet SymFlo D Pressurized Headbox
Gab Former convertible (3/6)

Slice width 8220 mm (323.6″) with a wire width of 8400 mm (331″)

Design Speed 1524 m/min (5000 ft/min)
Slice flow 1644 l/s 200 l/s/m
26080 gal/min 80 gal/min/in

The headbox consists of the inlet piping, equalizing chamber,

turbulence generator and slice section assembled by bolted joints.

All surfaces in contact with stock are of stainless steel SS 2343 (AISI 316L-type).

The support structures are of steel. To eliminate soiling,

the surfaces in contact with stock are electropolished or machined by abrasive flow.