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Used Defiberator for “Fluff” Pulp Prodcution
The Unit is Still Installed and offeres As Is
It is in Excellent Conditon and is sold with all of its Installed Components
Fluff pulps are used as raw material in the absorbent core of personal care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products, air-laid absorbent towelling, as such or with superabsorbents and/or synthetical fibres.
More than 80% of the pulps are used in baby diapers.
The most demanding application of fluff pulps is in air-laid products, used in serving utensils, various towel applications in homes, in the industry and in hospitals.
Fluff pulp for air-laid products are defibrized in a hammermill/Defibrator.

Defibration is the process of freeing the fibres from each other before entering the papermachine.
Important parameters for dry defibration are shredding energy and knotcontent.

Defirbrator for Fluff Pulp

34” (863mm) X 60” (1.5M) Diameter PCMC Wet Wipes Converting Line. Also Known as “Calypso”. Run very little, New in 2004 and in excellent condition. The line consists of the following:

– Four (4) Lane crossfolder wipes machine.

– In-line belt driven unwind stand capable of accepting parent rolls up to 60” (1.5M) in diameter and widths of 34” (863MM)

– Foxboro constant tension system, complete with dancer roll

– Slitter assembly which divides the parent roll web into the proper widths.

– Wetting tube, which dispenses a predetermined amount of moistening solution.

– Longitudinal Folding

– Mechanically operated crross-folder / Tucker

– Orbital packer where they are packed vertically downward into pre-counted stacks and separated.

– Collating conveyor system


Unwind: Dual Position turret style unwind with one (1) run position and one (1) roll ready position.

Slitting System: Idling shear type slitter assembly is provided to divide the parent toll into equal widths.

Wetting System: One (1) weep type fluid application system for adding moisture to the passing web

Forming Station: One (1) automatic folder designed for producing 6” (153mm) to 9” (228mm) nominal cutoff length by 5.75” (146mm) to 8.5” (215mm) slit width towels folded to 3” (77mm) to 4.5” (114mm) wide and crossfolded to 3” (77mm) to 4.5” (114mm).

Collating Conveyor: The collating conveyor consists of two (2) servo controlled conveyors that receive the crossfolded product stacks from the four (4) lanes of the crossfolder

Controls: One (1) 7.5HP variable frequency AC main drive motor and controls including complete control cabinet.


8.5” (215MM)W x 9.0” (228MM)L, (max open)

5.0” (127mm)W x 4.5”(114mm)L, max. folded)

5.75” (146MMW x 6”(153mm)L (min. open)

FOLD STYLE: Z-Fold, V-Fold, C-Fold, C-Fold w/wings

(C-Fold is most common)

CUTOFF LENGTHS: 6” (153mm) to 9” (228mm)

PRODUCT COUNT: Maximum stack height is 4.75: (120mm) – 10

to 50 counts in 1 count (per lane) increments.

PARENT ROLL SIZE: The crossfolder will accept parent rolls with a maximum width of 34” (863mm)

and diameter of 60” (1.5M) on 3” (76mm) I.D. cores.

MACHINE SPEED: 2000 (500/lane) or 50 stacks per minute, whichever comes first.

Calypso Tissue Wipes Line